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March 23, 2014

Frankfurter Entwicklertag 2014

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On the 19th of February I attended the Frankfurter Entwicklertag (Frankfurt Developer Day). It is not the sort of event I have been recently attending as my interests are slowly moving away from software development, and more towards management of the wider value stream. I entered a draw at the christmas meeting of the Agile Rhein-Main user group and was lucky enough to win a free ticket thanks to Andrena Objects.


It was a very well organised and promoted event. I liked the strategy of engaging with the community and giving away free tickets. They managed to sell all the tickets I believe. 

I deliberately tried to stay away from “agile” related topics, as I think I have been well exposed to those sorts of things and I wanted to leave my (current) comfort zone and take the opportunity to hear some technical topics that I have been focussing on less lately (which is my old comfort zone). My favourite talk was the one about Event Sourcing, as actually practiced by Vaamo Finanz. This was great as event sourcing together with CQRS was all the hype in the DDD community around 2009/2010. I could see the potential in the idea, and played around with it myself, but unfortunately didn’t get to experience it for real in my work. I remember talking about it, and even leading open space sessions on the topic at various conferences, where we focussed a lot on the theory but people were hungering for actual practical experience reports. Then it seems like either the topic died down a bit, or perhaps my interest drifted away a bit. Then all of a sudden 4 years later I see an actual experience report, and all the potential issues we were discussing in theory back then were reported as actual findings, and it was great to hear about how Vaamo actually dealt with the issues. It felt weird that something should at the same time be leading edge, yet still feel like a nostalgic trip down memory lane. The talk was superb. Full of interesting technical content, and very well presented. It was engaging, relatable, and entertaining.

Overall, I don’t think I would have paid the asking price for the ticket. I would have preferred to see it as a community event with more costs covered by sponsorship with perhaps a maximum ticket price around the €30 mark. Specifically because it was so wide and general. I think it is a good conference to send developers to to get up to speed on a fairly random selection of interesting topics, and they can deep dive into anything potentially interesting at a more specialist conference after. If I was a developer, i would have probably already had an idea about what specific technologies would be relevant to solving my specific problems and I would have attended a more specialised conference where I can go into more detail on one thing, rather than get a fairly superficial overview of a bunch of random topics, many of which are not likely to be relevant for me at any given time.

I didn’t see a huge connection with the stated list of focus areas: Agility, Quality and Innovation, but that doesn’t matter too much I guess.

Another concern was the level of female participation. There were female attendees, but worryingly few. Only one female was involved as a presenter, and there were no women in the program committee. This may not yet be as much of a concern in the German speaking countries as much as it is in the English speaking ones (where conferences have had to be canceled after a backlash against all-male program committees for example!), but I think it is something even in Germany we need to be much more concerned about.

A big thanks to Andrena for organising, and of course for my free ticket!


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