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December 27, 2015

My Weight Loss Tips

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For a long time I was slightly overweight, but I think I have it under control right now. My problem is staying at the right weight range is only worth a moderate amount of effort for me, so exercise doesn’t work, and neither does eating right if it requires putting extra effort (and expense) into shopping, cooking and cleaning up. Trying to exercise going to much effort did not result in weight loss, and simply created a new problem. The exercise and eating right made me enjoy life a lot less than simply being slightly overweight. Anyway, the following eating pattern worked for me. Not just in getting my weight back on target, but also improving my mood and energy levels throughout the day.


Staying at a hotel made this easy: A large low-carb breakfast of bacon, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, yogurt and fruit salad, as well as a liter or so of multi-vitamin juice. I know there is a lot of sugar in the juice, but I think that is ok if I don’t grab any other carb-heavy crap. I eat until I am full. It gives me a great start to the day. I usually wait until I get to the office before having coffee or green tea.


The work cantina made this easy too. Sometimes going to other restaurants made it hard though. Here I mix things up, and generally let my body tell me what I should eat which is simply what I feel like. Sometimes fish, sometimes some other meat dish, perhaps with vegetables and sometimes salad. Because I had such a heavy breakfast I don’t have a huge appetite at lunchtime, so it is easy to stick to the meat and vegetables and avoid carbs. Here I sometimes take the standard side of carbs if I feel like it but usually only eat a third to a half of it. Most of the time I take no carb-heavy side dish. If I take a salad I usually add tuna, and even though the dressings are unhealthy, I add them to make it nice and don’t stress about it too much. At restaurants it can be difficult, but I try to follow this pattern as much as possible.


No dinners. Or very seldom I might have something small for social reasons. This helped me sleep much better too.

Other tips

  • No deserts.
  • No cooking at home. If cooking is your hobby then cooking at home could be a great option. For me it takes too much mental energy to research healthy recipes, find ingredients, make sure I have the right equipment, cook it with my minimal cooking skills, and clean up afterwards. It is also expensive and wasteful to buy ingredients for one dish, and then have to throw out 90% of it when it expires anyway. The kids hate home cooked food anyway and refuse to eat it. So cooking at home is a big no-no for me. I think I could only make it work if it became one of my major hobbies, but I am not interested in this at this stage.
  • No snacking.

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