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August 25, 2009

A couple of my open source projects.

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I recently uploaded a couple of old, small, unimpressive open source projects to GitHub.

The first one, PolyDriver, I hacked together in 2003. It is a user space linux driver for PolyTrax powerline modems. I was pretty lucky to be able to convince the boss that Open Source was the way to go for the linux driver. It was a lot more straight-forward than the Windows 2000/XP one too. I don’t have a PolyModem lieing around to really test it, but maybe someone does, and the driver can be useful for them.

The other one, Kurts NetSend, (really needs a better name) is a replacement for the “net send” command that was removed in Vista. I wrote it because my employer at the time used that command to inform everyone of when morning tea was ready, and all the vista users were missing out. It was, and still is, also hosted on codeplex, and was a featured codeplex project on the MSDN Vista page for a while. I think it should work on Windows 7, but have not been able to test it out yet.

They both contain pretty ugly code, the NetSend one could probably be improved a bit, I would start by separating the gui and the backend, and perhaps doing a new WPF front end or something. Otherwise they are both pretty small and could be ideal starting points for someone who wants some practice with refactoring to clean code or something.


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