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April 13, 2009

Agile Quality

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I just set up a new google group/mailing list called agile-quality.

Check it out here: http://groups.google.com/group/agile-quality

My initial welcome email says:

I intend it to be a place to discuss all aspects of software quality,
particularly as relevant to or involving agile principles, values or
This includes things like:

  • What is quality?
  • Quality Control
  • Quality Assurance
  • Relevance of quality to project managers/product owners/scrum masters etc
  • Quality Management
  • Testing (even though there is already a great agile-testing group)
  • ISO 9001 Certification
  • ISO 9126 Software quality model
  • Other standards and models for software quality
  • Technical debt and the management thereof
  • Metrics for software quality
  • Customer involvement in quality issues
  • Discussing other “movements” or groups with a focus on software quality
  • and agile
  • Craftsmanship as it relates to software quality
  • Software design; how it relates to software quality
  • The Law as relevant to software quality.
  • Discussing books, magazines, websites, blogs, quotes etc about software
  • quality
  • Which agile methods and practices specifically address quality and how?

I expect it to cover technical aspects of interest mainly to developers,
such as clean code design, as well as more managery type topics, such as
QA, certification and legal aspects, and everything in between. Ideally
this could be one mailing list where the two groups can mix, and form
consensus etc.
About me: I am just a software developer (and project management
student) interested in software quality and agile. I am not an author or
consultant (yet/at the moment). I don’t really have much of an agenda to
push except to discuss and learn more about software quality in agile
environments. I do have opinions and they will pop up in later emails.

Currently the list is unmoderated, and I will only change that if
spammers attack. Personal disagreements, teasing, slightly off topic
messages and banter will probably not be moderated away (at least for
now), I think such things help build community. The moderation policy
will be pretty loose but I reserve the right to make changes if it seems
Thanks for checking out the mailing list, and enjoy!


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